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Ireeda is a modern high-tech enterprise focusing on UAV based intelligent products and commercial solutions. It is an important private enterprise in the field of UAV in Shaanxi Province. The business scope covers UAV product R & D, sales, UAV system project integration, UAV driver training, UAV industry service, UAV peripheral supporting product sales, etc.

Since its establishment in 2015, the company has gathered a large number of first-class and efficient professional master's and doctor's talents from Northwest University of technology, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, etc. it has made use of its advanced aviation advantages to conduct in-depth technical exchanges and cooperation with a number of national key research institutes. At present, our company's technical personnel account for 80%, including 5 senior engineers, 3 doctors, 8 masters, 3 domestic AOPO certificates, 2 remote pilot license certificates, and 5 aviation industry employees with more than eight years. At present, the company has 28 international technology patents, won the gold medal of Xi'an entrepreneurship competition, national silver medal of AVIC industry competition and many other awards.

Ireeda  has a complete scientific research and production system including aircraft R & D department, intelligent control department, UAV service department, UAV pilot training center and production center. The main technical team of the company has been engaged in the research and development of UAV for a long time, and has complete research and development capabilities of overall aerodynamics, structural strength, flight control, digital simulation, system integration and test flight. It has independently developed and participated in the development, trial production and flight test of more than 100 UAV projects, accumulated a lot of R & D experience, formed a professional R & D management process and system, and has strong R & D strength and rich engineering practice experience.


The IREDDA drone had a successful trial flight

On April 7th, Ireeda held an acceptance test of UAV at the UAV test flight base.This activity mainly tested various indicators of DA-ED30 VTOL fixed wing UAV to ensure that there were no problems when customers used it in the later stage.

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Iran's new armed UAV

Lang demonstrated that the shape of the new armed UAV is highly similar to that of the US MQ-9 UAV

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The use of UAVs,Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

As a member of the modern air military force, military UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have the characteristics of no casualties

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Investigation patrol
Agricultural plant protection
Express Logistics


What are the reasons that affect UAV operation

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The fuel generator drives the electric rotor to work

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How does UAV assist power transmission and transformation monitoring

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